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WWX Rumble Roses Review

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by adhkamiz, Jan 19, 2013.

  1. adhkamiz

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    Jan 17, 2013
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    WWX Rumble Roses
    Platform(s): PS2
    Developer(s): Yuke's Future Media Creators/ Konami Computer Entertainment Tokyo
    Price: $3.99 (Pre-Owned)
    Rated: M

    So like 3 days ago Gamestop.com were having a buy 1 get 1 free sell for PS2 games so since I'm currently collecting PS2 games I thought I should order the cheapest one I could find. So I picked out Grand Turismo 4 and searched and searched for another one and decided to just part with WWX Rumble Roses. Hot females on the cover in a wrestling ring? Lets see exactly how good this game is,,

    Main Story:
    Well let me start by saying the game do not have a main story but individual stories for each character. So roughly your gonna have to play with 10+ females to explore each of there stories (which should take around 35mins to complete on the hardest level). The stories from what I noticed really aren't all that interesting and barely makes sense, the dialogue is just plain horrible and sometimes it just makes you uncomfortable. Defeating each character story normally unlocks a new outfit and that character gallery section which you can watch for your own dirty needs.

    Now the gameplay talks a completely different story, After reading that the game uses the same engine as "WWE Smackdown Here Comes the Pain" I was more than excited to get in the ring. Well if your familiar with WWE games then you should be able to master the controls mighty fast besides learning how to reverse and run which makes the game even easier once you master those. Each character get's a certain amount of moves which are all done the same way but each has there own. Once you gain enough momentum you can use your "killer move" which most likely will win you the match (by pin) if your fighting on an easier level or make you lose the match (vice versa) on a harder level. Then there is the "humiliation finisher" which personally I love, Once you do a certain amount of moves (that are humiliating to the opponent) then you get a "humiliation finisher" which is a submission that puts your opponent in a "very uncomfortable" submission that is more powerful then the normal submissions. If you been damaging the right area 9/10 times the opponent will submit. Other modes include "Mud wrestling" which pretty much just put your character in a mud type setting but not much changes within the gameplay.

    For a PS2 game the graphics are pretty much where they should be, The characters are detailed to a level where no one is complaining. The animations are highly nice also which I put as a huge + and in gallery mode you can actually view the character models from different angles giving you a peak on how much body animation they put into it. The level layouts doesn't exactly stand out as much but overall the graphics are well ok.

    The menu music and the in-game area music is pretty generic so it wasn't to noticeable or wasn't torture to hear. The entrance music (for the characters) however is not exactly what "guys" would be into, mainly aiming with punk/pop/and punk rock music performed by various of indie female groups, unless your into that then your good to go. (I personally like one of the themes myself)

    So overall I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a cheap wrestling game to battle it out with friends on or just feel like watching females in very "sexy/embarrassing" positions.

    -Hot chicks
    -Multiple Characters to choose from
    -Good animations
    -Great gameplay
    -Nice movesets

    -Awful story mode
    -Not playable for to long
    -Limited match types

  2. GaMeR

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    RE: WWX Rumble Roses

    Nice review, I actually never played any of the Rumble Roses but based on your review, it sounds exactly how I anticipated it, Dead or Alive meets wrestling except DOA is actually a quality fighting game (the ones I've played anyway).

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