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Tomodachi Life Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by Tanooki, Oct 1, 2014.

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    Nov 24, 2013
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    Tomodachi Life
    Platform: Nintendo 3DS
    Developer/Publisher: Nintendo
    Price: $39.99

    Your life, your friends!

    Tomodachi Life is a cute little game from Nintendo that is reminiscent of both The Sims series and Animal Crossing where it is a life simulation. However, Tomodachi Life has a variety of quirky inserts that makes it its own, special game. The game revolves around creating a variety of Miis to move in to an apartment complex on an island. You can create Miis or use the Mii Maker to import Miis you have saved on to your 3DS. You can also obtain other people's Mii's by scanning their QR code. This allows people to share their Miis they create including themselves, their friends, celebrities and recognizable characters such as Princess Zelda or Link. If your friends have the game and you scan in their Mii QR code that Mii will be imported into your game and share traits such as appearance and favorite/least favorite foods.


    Dreams can get pretty strange on my island!

    So what's on the island?

    The island has a variety of shops and attractions. The first Mii you make is supposed to be the one that represents you, and you are referred to as SoandSo's lookalike throughout the game. As the lookalike, your job is to take care of the islanders and help them reach the greatest quality of life. This is done through playing with them, giving them clothes they like, food they like, interiors they like and helping them in other day to day tasks to raise their respective levels. When a Mii levels up you can give your Miis presents, a song to sing, a catchphrase, pocket money or an interior from a set list. When they get to a certain level you unlock other things to present to them upon a level up. Miis will often use the gifts they are given. I have caught many of my male Miis playing with their beauty kits and when they answer the door they are caked in make up! Often Miis will also gather at each other’s houses to play with a Wii U or dance to music.


    Have your Miis perform songs!

    Love/Hate Relationship
    When you give a Mii food or clothing they will tell you if they liked it or not. Sometimes they will love it, other times they hate it. The top screen on the 3DS shows what you have feed the Miis that they have liked the most (Favorite, All-Time Favorite and Super All Time Favorite) and what they have not liked (Worst and Worst Ever). It also shows some general favorite foods. When you go into the menu to pick a food item to give them, it lets you know what they have already eaten so you can discover their favorite (and least favorite) foods! When you feed a Mii a food they don't like, or give them clothing they don't like, their level meter decreases so be careful!


    This is the top screen interface that shows you what your Mii likes and doesn’t like plus more!

    Love is in the air!

    There is also a system of dating in Tomodachi Life where Miis can date, marry and even divorce one another. As a lookalike, your job is to help give advice to the Miis on their relationships- this includes dating, when they get into fights, when they get engaged, want to have a baby, meeting new people, introducing other people to someone, and when they get into fights. Depending on your response, your Miis react in different ways which shapes their relationships. You can help them get engaged or destroy a relationship. The player also helps Miis make up when they get into fights which helps the Mii's moods. Watch as your Miis try and set each other up on dates, get in fights, go on honeymoons and even have children! When a Mii couple has a child they will call you over to share the good news. You can change the appearance of the child and once they grow up you can decide if they go out in the world as a traveler or not. If you send them out as a traveler they will be shared via streetpass and will send you back 'letters' of their journey, including messages from other players and photos of their island and Miis.


    A love confession occurring!


    Overall, Tomodachi Life is a fun, quirky game with lots of content to encourage replay. Players can pick up and play briefly each day or play for longer periods of time and keep entertained with the quirky things their Miis say or dream, the games they play and the demands they make. Unfortunately there is also a lot of repetition found in this game, which some people may be turned off by. While the Miis on your island rarely run out of problems, especially if you have a large island, these problems (and the games they ask you to play) are certainly repeated over time. People who are big on games like The Sims or Animal Crossing will not find this to be a huge problem, but other gamers may feel less excitement after a while due to this.


    Islanders are pretty good at jokes.


    +Fun and Simple
    +Pick-up and play
    +Replayable value
    +Enticing music
    +Online/Streetpass activities


    -Due to repetition, it can get boring after a while
    -Can seem like a chore to keep up once the charm is over
    -Mini-games are a times too simplistic
    -When you run out of unlockables there is not much content left

    For Mii, Tomodachi Life was certainly draining away my life! It was fun, addictive, and quirky. For this, I give it a 7.5/10 for being fun, simple, and engaging for all ages despite its shortcomings.

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