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SlimPort NANO Console Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaMeR, Mar 30, 2016.

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    SlimPort NANO Console

    Embrace NANO

    Similarly to the SlimPort VGA/HDMI adapter, the NANO Console allows you to connect your SlimPort enabled device to the big screen as well except that you’re not tied down to it. The NANO console features a compact and practical design that allows you to rest your device on it to control it wirelessly through a Bluetooth remote. The remote is a bit smaller than a typical laptop’s touch pad and works well for navigating your device, it even features the 3 essential Android buttons. The idea behind this setup is that unlike with the adapter, you’re not restricted to being right by your device. So let’s say you want to sit on your couch and browse through some pictures you took earlier, you can hook up your phone to the console and after pairing the Bluetooth remote, you’re good to go. Just like with the adapter, you can charge your device while the console is plugged in.

    Highs & Lows

    The NANO Console is a great idea for those with supported devices. In a business meeting or classroom, it could allow the presenter the freedom to move about freely. It could also prove useful if there are multiple presenters or participants as you can just pass on the remote which is easy to use. For essential functionality, the remote works great. I was able to easily navigate through my phone/tablet and use non-gaming apps without a hitch.

    Where I finally hit a brick wall was when attempting to play certain games with it. For simple single tap games like Jetpack Joyride and turn-based games, it works great but if you’re playing other games where controls are more complicated, it’s less intuitive. Some games don’t recognize the cursor from the remote at all either. The video output will still work but you’ll have to play these games using the actual device, as the remote doesn’t play too nicely in these scenarios. Motion-based games won’t work either as the remote doesn’t support that. So keep these limitations in mind if you planned on doing a lot of gaming with it.

    The Verdict

    The ability to control your phone or tablet from across the room is awesome and in this regard, the NANO console delivers as promised. For non-gaming functionality, it worked without a hitch. Unfortunately, the remote does have several limitations when it comes to gaming as previously mentioned and depending on the type of games you planned on playing, you may want to consider using a Bluetooth controller and sticking to the regular adapter or simply playing games holding the device instead. Two other things that bothered me were the lack of VGA support and the fact that the remote did not have a rechargeable battery. Fortunately, from my understanding the battery consumption on the remote is minimal but if you plan on using it with much frequency, I’d have some replacement batteries on hand to avoid being caught off-guard. All in all, Analogix’s SlimPort NANO Console gets a “THINK ABOUT IT” purchase recommendation as it can certainly meet the needs of certain users provided that they know the limitations.

    Disclosure: A review unit was used to evaluate this product.

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