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SlimPort HDMI/VGA Combo Adapter Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaMeR, Mar 26, 2016.

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    SlimPort HDMI/VGA Adapter

    Slim what?

    While many tablets have some sort of video-out port, the same cannot be said for most smartphones, even those at higher price points. I own an LG G4 for example which at the time of this review, is no longer top of the line but upon its initial release was considered a high-end phone and yet at a quick glance there was no apparent way to hook it up to an external screen. That’s where SlimPort comes in. Many devices support this technology which allows you to achieve mirror video output through SlimPort which is basically the charger port. This is done by connecting a plug-and-play adapter. In this review, I evaluated the SlimPort HDMI/VGA combo adapter by Analogix to see how well this technology works.

    The Experiment

    The adapter is very easy to use as it works just like a typical plug-and-play device where no configuration is needed. I tested it with a LG G4 smartphone and a Kindle HD6 (2014 model). Both were able to display video and audio output flawlessly through HDMI. The VGA display worked great as well. I tested it on a regular 22” Samsung widescreen HDTV, an Optoma HD projector, and a really old VGA monitor. The TV and projector displayed the video well through both ports, the old monitor only supported VGA but displayed the image flawlessly as well. Since VGA only supports video, audio was outputted through the device’s internal sound system when hooked up like this.

    The adapter doesn’t require any external power either which makes it portable. Since it occupies the charger port, there is a port for your device’s charger on the adapter so you can charge your phone/tablet while using the adapter if you wish. If you plan on using it for a prolonged period, it is probably wise to take advantage of that functionality as the adapter will drain your battery faster since it is drawing power from your device.

    Fun, Games, & Serious Business

    This adapter is quite useful for having a larger screen for watching movies, browsing the web, and pretty much any other leisure activity that you would normally do on your phone/tablet such as gaming. If you’ve never played Android games on a large screen before, you’re missing out (assuming you’re playing worthwhile titles of course). Admittedly, on my phone, I didn’t have too many games as I actually don’t use it for gaming that often but on my Kindle I am fond of taking advantage of Amazon’s free game selection from their Underground library so I had plenty of games to test it out with.

    If you have to give a presentation for school or work, as long as you have an adequate app installed you can actually avoid having to lug around your laptop and just bring your SlimPort device with the adapter to get the job done. Protip, if you are relying on audio and you’re limited to just a VGA connection, I’d recommend bringing some portable speakers in case your device is not loud enough.

    The Verdict

    The combo adapter works great and accomplishes what it’s intended to do. However, you obviously need a supported SlimPort device for it to be useful. Not every Kindle supports this technology, the same goes for other phones/tablets. Analogix’s website contains a list of supported devices which I recommended you check out if you are interested in taking your device to the big screen. Having said that, if you already own a SlimPort enabled device that’s compatible and have been wanting to escape the confinements of the device’s screen size, the SlimPort VGA/HDMI combo adapter by Analogix earns itself a “BUY IT” purchase recommendation. Price wise, it’s going to cost a bit more than some of the cheaper foreign brands but rest assured that you’re at least paying for something that appears to be well built. The adapter although small, did not feel cheap, and worked great every time.

    Disclosure: A review unit was used to evaluate this product.

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