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Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaMeR, Mar 17, 2011.

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    Our official reviews have undergone some changes and below you'll find the latest guide to our rating policy along with a list of current reviewers.

    Every official review in which the reviewer received a product sample from either the publisher or manufacturer will include a disclosure at the end indicating that this occurred.

    We currently use two forms of ratings, a numeric scale from 1-10 using increments of 0.25 when appropriate with 10 being the highest positive score possible and a non-numeric scale used when the reviewer with the approval of the editor feels that a non-numeric recommendation is more feasible.

    The numeric scale is as follows:
    10 - Near perfect
    9 - Awesome
    8 - Great
    7 - Good
    6 - Average
    5 - Mediocre
    4 - Poor
    3 - Extremely disappointing
    2 - Garbage
    1 - Possibly one of the worst games ever

    Non-numeric scale*:
    "Buy it!" - Definitely worth your money, buy it [7.25-10]
    "Think about it" - Give the purchase some consideration [5.25-7]
    "Skip it" - Self-explanatory [1-5]

    *All games which retail for $5 or less will using this rating system. Ratings listed in []'s denote numeric equivalent.

    Second opinions:
    For select titles, we offer a second opinion where another reviewer gives their opinion on the game and if they played it to a satisfactory level, their score will be included as well. The two scores will remain separate and will no longer be averaged together.

    Current reviewers:
    GaMeR (Editor)
    Mama Weegee

    If you have any questions about our review policy or have comments/suggestions, feel free to PM me.

    Last updated: 3/20/2014
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