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PwnEm.com Guide

Discussion in 'News & Feedback' started by GaMeR, Feb 1, 2008.

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    **NOTE** This guide was last updated on 4/24/2014.

    Links to our official social network pages: Facebook | Twitter | YouTube

    If you are experiencing problems with the website and cannot contact us through it, please let us know via social media! Preferably Twitter or Facebook.

    This thread is designed to help keep both existing and new members informed about features and aspects of the website that may not be too obvious.

    User Ranks with explanation.

    [​IMG] - Head Admin
    [​IMG] - Super Mod.
    [​IMG] - Moderator
    [​IMG] - Community
    [​IMG] - Writer
    [​IMG] - Veteran
    [​IMG] - Donator
    [​IMG] - Retired Staff

    Here are supported BBC Codes that are not in the posting toolbar:

    [spoiler]Spoiler here.[/spoiler]
    [spoiler=Name of Spoiler]Spoiler here.[/spoiler]
    Xbox 360 Gamer Tag:
    [xbox360]Gamer Tag[/xbox360]
    PSN Card (USA):
    [ps3]PSN ID[/ps3]
    XFire Tag:
    [xfire]XFire Username[/xfire]
    If there's another one that I forgot to mention let me know.


    Now for some essential references:

    Forum Rules - Please read & follow them!
    Veteran Usergroup - Explains what it is and how to become one.

    Wondering what PWN$ are? Read more about them HERE.

    Other sections as well as features:

    Loot Slots - Win or lose PWN$ there!

    Arcade Games - Become a legend on the leaderboards.

    Gaming blog - Enjoy interesting pieces written by our writing team.

    PwnEm Con - Official website for our offline event [2014 details coming soon].


    Lastly, remember that you can add gaming related contact info to your profile.

    Well that's all for now. This will be updated when changes occur.
Thread Status:
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