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Nimbus review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GamingSavant, Nov 4, 2010.

  1. GamingSavant

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    Apr 5, 2010
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    Platform: PC
    Price: $9.99 via Steam
    Trying to shave milliseconds off your previous score is what will keep you coming back.​

    I would probably describe Nimbus as a momentum based, time trials, racing game. You control a tiny spaceship and maneuver your way around dozens of courses to reach the checkered flag. You can only control the direction you travel and cannot increase your speed manually. To speed up you have to utilize objects around the course, hitting bouncy walls, shooting out of cannons, flying over acceleration spots and most commonly, through gravity is how you accomplish this.

    Very close to getting crushed.

    The courses are pretty easy to navigate and they are short enough that having to start over is rarely a problem. Check points are added in the form of cannons which you return to when you crash. These cannons can only be used 5 times before you are forced to start back at the beginning, so there's still an urgency to perform well. There's even a boss battle in the last level. Something that could have been inserted a couple more times to add variety.

    One minor problem I had was with the controls. It's by no means difficult to control using the keyboard, but when I tried using a couple different gamepads, including a Xbox 360 controller, neither of them worked properly. I could not find any custom control options, to perhaps set up my gamepad to work properly, so I gave up on trying it. Some turns have to be so precise that it was hard to get the exact angle with the arrow keys. Being able to successfully use a controller would have given the player the ability to fine tune their steering.

    You are timed on each level and at the end your time is posted on a leaderboard which can display your position, the top performers and your friends’ times. A lot of people will be tempted to keep trying over and over until they get a better time, I am one of those people. It adds a great sense of accomplishment when you find a route that will shave a couple seconds off of your time.

    The goal is in sight.

    The game is relatively short, even for an indie game. It only took me about 3 hours to go through once, but I still go back to try for quicker times and to collect the hidden coins. There are also some unlockable, custom ship options. You are allowed to changed both the design as well as the color of your smoke trail.

    Graphics & Audio:
    The graphics aren't anything historic, but they are nice enough to not be a burden. Some things, like the smoke trails, look pretty good and the frame rate seems to run pretty steady no matter how fast your rocket is flying. The sounds are alright but nothing spectacular. Music blends in with the game and bouncing and crashing sounds sound the way you would expect.

    Replay value:
    The replay value is pretty good. Trying for faster times will extend how long you play. Also, the coins are very hard to get, so going back through to collect them can take some time and patience.

    Overall, I really enjoyed playing Nimbus. The fast paced racing and precise cornering made it a game I can see myself picking and playing a few minutes here and there for the next few months. The $9.99 price is easily low enough for fans of racing games to get enjoyment out of it.

    +A lot of fun
    +The flow of the game, fast but enthralling
    +Ship customization

    -Relatively short
    -Controller support needs refinement

    A very good game is how I would describe Nimbus. Apart from being short and not having adequate controller support yet, there aren’t a whole lot of bad things to say. It was just so much fun and kept me wanting to play just one more level. I give it 9.25/10.

    A review copy was used to evaluate the game.
  2. GaMeR

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    Looks like a fun game to pass the time if you're into time trials. Also, the developer released a patch yesterday that addressed the controller issues so it should work better with the 360 controller now.

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