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MotorHeat Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaMeR, Mar 18, 2010.

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    Platform: Xbox Indie Games (Xbox 360)
    Price: 240 MSP / $3 USD
    Customize your ride then put it to the test.

    Keep your boost up by dodging cars and avoid crashing in order to make it to the next level on time. Remember to grab the power-ups scattered across the road to make this task easier. In this game, time is your only opponent. Watch the video below for a brief but informative gameplay demonstration:
    [NOTE - Due to some recording issues, the original audio was out of sync and had to be replaced by the game's OST, sorry for the inconvenience]

    Graphics & Audio:
    The 3D graphics are quite nice but unfortunately are not accurately portrayed in the video above due to technical constraints. As for the soundtrack, it was rather upbeat and made the game a pleasant experience. It's actually available as a free download HERE. The sound effects, especially the announcer's voice, were enjoyable as well. They suited the game's arcade gameplay style effectively.

    Replay value:
    I found the game to be quite addicting after a while and found myself replaying it just to beat my previous record. If you have Xbox Live Gold you'll be able to take your competitiveness to the next step and rank yourself up against players from all over the world which will definitely challenge you. However, if scores aren't your thing, the game is still fun and has several awards to unlock if you're a completionist to keep you busy as well.

    Milkstone Studios took a proven fun concept and successfully transformed it into a game of their own by the name of MotorHeat at an affordable price. The game isn't particularly innovative at this point as it definitely borrows a lot of elements from similar titles but it is fun. I'd say it's a good mash-up of Burnout and Sega's Monaco GP without being a rip-off of either as it does have some distinct elements such as your car being unwreckable and so on. For 240 MSP, you'll get a fun ride that will last for as long as you want.

    +Nice graphics
    +Interesting scenery
    +Impressive SFX
    +Addicting gameplay (replay value)
    +Leaderboards (local/online)

    -Not much innovation aside from the differences mentioned before as several similar titles already exist
    -The gameplay doesn't really vary too much aside from environmental changes as the premise of simply dodging cars stays the same throughout the game, some random aggressive AI drivers would have made things much more interesting for instance

    MotorHeat achieves a 8.25/10 in my review leaderboard as it's certainly addicting and offers good value for the asking price but could have used some more innovation to make it much more distinct from the rest of the crowd. Give the trial a go at least and if you like it, most likely you'll enjoy the full game as well as it does give you a good idea of what to expect minus the leaderboards.

    A review copy was used to evaluate this game.

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