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#killallzombies Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaMeR, Nov 20, 2014.

  1. GaMeR

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    Jan 14, 2007
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    Platform: PS4
    Developer/Publisher: Beatshapers
    Price: $13.99

    LOL another #zombie game?

    I’m not going to spend too much time describing what the game’s about as from the title, it’s pretty obvious. Yeah, you’re killing zombies. Yes, it’s another twin-stick shooter. Yes, it costs over $10. But is it any different than what’s already out there? Fortunately, that’s another yes. At its core, #killallzombies plays similarly to other titles of the genre but there is one feature in particular that stands out. The ability to have spectator participation if you decide to stream your game in broadcast mode via a service like Twitch. If you were fascinated with the idea of “Twitch Plays Pokemon”, you’re likely to be impressed by this concept as well. The idea is that spectators can affect your destiny in-game by either using voice or text commands that will affect the gameplay. Spectators can come to your aid, do nothing, or expedite your inevitable death.


    Give power to the people (if they're out there).

    I don’t stream, bro.

    If you don’t care about streaming then obviously this feature loses its charm but luckily, that’s not the only innovation in the game. There’s also the perk system and randomized environment which are far from stellar but are still commendable. The perk system offers the typical perks you’d expect along with some not-so-expected ones such as several related to chance and sacrifice. You can essentially risk dying for certain rewards. As for the randomized events, the main playing field is a large hex board which often spawns vehicles that can be blown up for health or extra XP along with barriers and traps that aid in the zombie onslaught. These vehicles can kill you though if the explosion is in close proximity or if a spawn crushes you so beware of these “blessings”. Often, I died because of negligence towards these vehicles rather than the hungry undead.


    This fun perk lets you kill zombies simply by touching them, awesome.



    Mission Briefing

    You get only one life, so make it count. In the beginning of the game, your weapon selection isn’t the best but as you manage to survive past a certain number of waves, you’ll unlock better starting weapon options. Also, pick wisely, as there’s no weapon switching on the fly. You can however swap out a weapon by picking up one of the spawned ones, just hope that it’s better than your current selection. Alternatively, you might be able to do so via a perk as well. A second life can also be granted via a special perk so if lucky, you could end up with another shot at life.


    Mr. Zombie Killer has to step it up to unlock more.

    Survivor’s Verdict

    If you typically are unamused by twin-stick shooters, this game probably won’t change your mind. But if you love the genre and enjoy slaughtering the undead, the perk system, randomized environment, and streaming interactivity help it stand out in the sea of genre saturation. However, for the price tag, it still leaves you a bit hungry for more. This is mainly due to the lack of multiplayer and extra content. On the flip side, Beatshapers has promised to add more content for no additional charge in the near future so perhaps these woes will soon be alleviated. The game teases of a Deathmatch and Capture-The-Flag mode which if implemented correctly, could definitely make this zombie apocalypse much more exciting.


    Death awaits us all.


    +Interesting perks
    +Streaming interactivity
    +Good weapon variety and randomized environment


    -No co-op or multiplayer
    -Aside from the streaming interactivity, doesn’t stand out much from similar titles
    -Feels a bit pricey without the promised content

    #killallzombies concludes its chapter of the zombie apocalypse with a 6.75/10 at its present state. The lack of additional content cannot be ignored especially in this heavily saturated genre and hence it’s hard to give it further recognition until the promised update is launched. At the same time, “as-is”, it’s certainly playable and fun enough to kill time if you don’t mind the price tag.

    Disclosure: A review copy was used to evaluate this game.
  2. ultraviolet

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    May 7, 2014
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    Good review, i got the game last week and it is very good fun on twitch although quite random at times where you can instantly die from viewers selecting random perks.
    I think to get more guns you have to get through more waves, although to do that you need the better guns so the random gun perk helps alot

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