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Jet Dog Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by DanielKurland, Apr 11, 2015.

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    Dec 4, 2013
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    Jet Dog
    Platform: 3DS (Nintendo eShop)
    Developer/Publisher: Sanuk Games/Bigben Interactive
    Price: $7.99

    It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s neither of those things, it’s Jet Dog!

    The 3DS’ eShop has been a veritable breeding ground for sleeper hits and titles that you wished simply passed away in their sleep. Jet Dog is an incredibly simplistic game that at its best could have honed in on what it is, and turned out to be a refined, albeit simple title. The result, however, is a poor attempt at trying to complicate something simple in hopes of making it more appealing.

    There’s really not much to this game at all, guys. In Jet Dog, you swipe your stylus a grand total of once to propel the titular jet dog forward.

    And that’s it.

    Up, up, and away!

    Maybe he’ll catch a draft of wind. That’s what qualifies as suspense in this game.

    How much is that doggie’s jetpack in the window?

    As you continue flinging this dog forward, along the way you’ll collect coins that make it possible to buy items that give you handicaps in this pursuit. These luxuries include things like additional jumps, bumpers, speed, heightening boosters, and a myriad of things that will make your first attempt at swipes look laughable. Like can you imagine a time when you were jetting your dog, and he didn’t have a skateboard, scarf, and fighter goggles? Insane…

    Guess she’s flying couch…

    This concept blows up a little further with the addition of two other dogs at your disposal, each with slightly different abilities behind them, but it’s all pretty much more of the same and not much of an attempt at longevity or gameplay. There’s not much going on here. There’s very little life to this game in the first place, and the items you can buy are merely a Band-Aid to add a few more minutes to the experience rather than really prolonging it.

    These items technically function as some sort of replayability here, but even then not much is being added. Sitting and playing this game once, and then maybe a second time in the following week on a passing whim when you’re bored is likely the extent of your relationship with this title.

    Furthermore, nothing is really done with the audio or graphics, and it feels like the minimum is being done, for 3D capabilities aren’t incorporated at all, and while that’s not surprising, it would have added a little more depth (heh) to the game.

    Once you swipe, you just can’t gripe!

    Jet Dogging ain’t cheap!

    The most maddening thing about all of this is that the game is $7.99. There’s barely $1.99 worth of value in this title that makes Flappy Bird look like Final Fantasy VII in length and depth. This would be a maybe recommendation with a reasonable price tag and some tweaks, but with this number on it there’s no incentive at all. That’s barely a dollar per minute you’ll be entertained with this. Seriously, you could get a lot more mileage by exploring a handful of cheaper titles with eight dollars. Do yourself a favor and do that instead.


    +Simplistic controls and gameplay
    +Cute character designs and tone to the game
    +Robust item store


    -Overpriced at $7.99
    -Lack of depth and variety to gameplay
    -Feels underdeveloped and empty
    -Seemingly irrelevant upgrades and bonuses

    Jet Dog warrants a score of 2/10 due to its too simplistic for its own good game design that feels more like a demo than a finished title in the end. Frustrating and complicated items are used to flesh out a hollow experience that is only made worse by the high price tag. There’s some joy to be had with the cutesy art design and simplicity of it all, but it ultimately feels like a flailing attempt to crank out a game that isn’t there in its current state.

    Disclosure: A review copy was used to evaluate this game.

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