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Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions Review

Discussion in 'Reviews' started by GaMeR, Dec 19, 2014.

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    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions
    Platform: PS3 [Reviewed], PS4, Xbox 360, One, PC
    Developer/Publisher: Lucid Games / Sierra
    Price: $14.99

    Geometry is fun once again!

    I have fond memories of when the first Geometry Wars hit the Xbox Live Arcade marketplace. It was one of the first XBLA games I played and it showed a lot of promise for this new platform. Despite its simplistic appearance, it proved to be quite addictive for fans of the twin stick genre which at the time was not as saturated as it is today. The first version of the game had humble beginnings and future releases introduced a little more complexity while maintaining core simplicity. This latest entry follows the footsteps of its past and successfully enters the present.

    Here’s an overview of the game modes found:

    Adventure – there are 50 levels to unlock, to accomplish this you must reach a specific score target for each level. Every level has 3 score objectives tracked by stars. These stars are more than just score boasting icons though as certain stages have a minimum star requirement and hence you’ll probably have to replay earlier levels to keep progressing. There are various boss stages spread across along with varied game modes which decorate the path to said bosses. The usage of drones is also part of the gameplay as previously introduced by Geometry Wars: Galaxies along with a new Super special.

    Classic – as the name suggests, this mode allows you to relive the classic days of Geometry Wars by playing game modes found in GW2 including Deadline, King, Evolved, Pacifism, and Waves.

    Deadline: score as many points as possible before the timer is up.

    King: with only one life you must go to “king” zones in order to shoot which pop up every couple of seconds.

    Evolved: no time limit but make sure you treasure your 3 lives.

    Pacifism: with just one life and no weapons, use gate triggering to kill foes.

    Waves: aim for a high score with just one life left.

    Bonus Levels – these are bonus levels that are unlocked as you progress in the Adventure mode.

    Local/Online Multiplayer – the local multiplayer is a cooperative version of an adventure-like mode whereas the online multiplayer offers the following modes:

    Stock: compete against another team to see who can kill the boss first.

    Summoner: the team with the highest score wins once time runs out.


    The galaxy is yours.

    Galactic Joys

    The new 3D environments are stunning and the soundtrack complements the mesmerizing exhibition of explosive fireworks as you blast through waves of incoming foes. The somewhat trippy abstract background adds a nice touch as well. If you prefer to revisit the past, the Classic mode does a great job at catering to these familiar aesthetics which although not as a modern, are still admirable with their sheer simplicity which won me over the first time I encountered them back in the day.

    While it’s easy to engulf yourself in the visuals, that’s not what Geometry Wars is about, and one must remember that it’s truly about making a mark for yourself by climbing the leaderboards drenched in geometric blood (figuratively speaking of course). This latest entry introduces new enemies and game types which help keep things fresh without breaking the original concept that made it a success.

    Although near perfect, the galaxy could have benefited from certain inhabitants, particularly the Sequence mode from GW2 should have been included in the Classic mode along with Versus from Galaxies for the multiplayer. Fortunately, both of these modes are not really defining qualities of prior releases so it can be forgiven. It also wouldn’t surprise me if they were to appear in the future in the form of DLC along with other content from the past.


    The beauties of the galaxy.

    Final Dimension

    Even as a long-time fan of the series, I realize that this game won’t convert those who previously dismissed it. As mentioned before, the core gameplay is essentially the same as what has been demonstrated in prior releases and as such, if you didn’t like it then, you probably won’t now, either. At the same time, this game is far being a weak attempt at milking fans, on the contrary, it’s clearly a quality release that’s sure to please any Geometry Wars space commander. Despite the Adventure mode leading to some frustration at times when one fails to meet the score criteria to progress forward, the other modes compensate by letting you unwind in the past, take on bonus levels, or join comrades online before your next attempt.


    The universe can be as cruel as it is fun.


    +Great visuals and soundtrack
    +Plenty of content
    +Online and local multiplayer
    +New content does not ruin what’s been firmly built


    -Adventure mode is not as appealing for those who are less obsessed with scores
    -A bit more content from past titles would have been nice considering the price

    Geometry Wars 3: Dimensions saves the galaxy with a 8.75/10 performance for finding the right balance between the past and present. It took what players loved from prior releases and reintroduced it successfully with new additions.

    Disclosure: A review copy was used to evaluate this game.

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