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Call of Duty: Black Ops (PS3)

Discussion in 'User Reviews' started by Void_Knight, Apr 7, 2013.

  1. Void_Knight

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    kek i was spotted pls

    Mar 27, 2013
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    Price When Released: $70.00+ (Depends where you bought and when you bought it.
    Released: 2012
    Each thing is reviewed by hardness and graphics there is a 5/5 to get that each part must get a 1.

    Now that is most of the information for you to buy this game, so Black ops, what to say...It's pretty much based back in Vietnam and the main character is in a CIA interrogation room where the CIA is trying to get information on some mission, and you have to play each scenario and complete each goal. The campaign was very fun and interesting it had the right amount of missions and the right amount of challenge. But it lacks graphics.. I've seen better in the first CoD's. But I still must give it a 1.

    Online Play
    In the online play of black ops, it is okay. But it lacks a lot of things like more guns and missions. There was a map pack but they where to small, and nuke town its terrible people sit on the other side of the map and snipe you, and jungle I kinda like it has the size but it lacks the hiding spots for people to snipe, at every corner of the map there is high ground and people abuse those areas. But I do like online play but the guns... some of them are over powering, and it's not very realistic the snipers for example they have no bullet drop or the real sound of the weapon, that's why I like BF3 better then anything. I give online a 0.5 it lacked but it had potential.

    I loved this feature, but then people started making very nasty things for these 13yr. Old's to see I seen a man penis that was ejaculated and the male sperm went on a girls face, who wants to see that in 5oclock in the morning? Not me. And all kinds of male/female spots. So I give emblems a 0.5.

    Rating so Far: 2/5

    Guns & Facepaint
    Now for the good part, well there guns but they added a few new weapons like the tomahawk. They also took some weapons from MW2 like the ballistic knife. But the guns are not realistic and I hate non-realistic games except for like Skyrim but even Skyrim has good graphics. CoD's guns have always sounded and looked fake and I hate that maybe in the future they will make them look more realistic, and the camouflage for the guns I like, it helps you hide in places as well as the face paint, these two things helped the rating a lot. There is tons of awesome face paint, that would be cool if you could make your own camouflage face paint. So the G&FP I give a 1.

    Call of Duty Elite and Player Titles
    This I extremely like, have you ever wanted to customize your classes from a cell phone or a computer? Well now you can CoD Elite this is very nice and you can even be a Clan Leader and have wars with other clan leaders and fight for the top ranks. And when you get Call of Duty Elite premium and make a clan you will get a gold name. Now the last thing "player titles" the creation continues from Mw2, you get to be called something like a Frag Master for example, I give a 1 for these features.

    Overall Rating
    4/5 We recommend

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